French wine
I feel fine
And I don’t mind how you talk to me

Blue skies and big dreams
Threadbare at the seams

Will you wait for me?
I won’t be long
Just one more round
One more song

Wait for me
I know it’s hard
Oh, Amelia, I sing to you a lover’s song

Blue eyes and shirtsleeves
Oh, Jesus, is this really how you’ve come to me?
On a bicycle?
On a new road?
In a place where the city walls are built with fear?
I’ll be your profit!
I’ll be a goddamned fool
I’ll be a burning light shining on forever cool

Wait for me
For a little while
It’s been so much fun
I’d really like to go out in style

Wait for me
I’m coming home
We can all go to church together
You can bring your mama along

Wait for me
Wait for me
Wait for me

Wait for me